Nesma Industrial Services are one of the leading Industrial Services companies in Saudi Arabia. Nesma Industrial Services (NIS) is a reliable local player that companies can rely on to increase their IKTVA scores, and achieve their localization goals.

Nesma Industrial Services is comprised of personnel that come from the world’s three largest Oil & Gas service companies. With extensive experience in servicing the Middle East’s National Oil Companies (NOCs), we have acquired the capabilities to:

Our Capabilities

  • Identify key decision makers, stake holders, and networks within the industry
  • Understand the current local market and what technology is currently available and what is required.
  • Recognize the markets’ gaps and opportunities.
  • Contribute to the localization of many services currently being provided, adding the local requirements touch to it.

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Our Services

Nesma Industrial Services provide a wide range of services & products to our customers. You can find more information on each service below:

About Company

Nesma Wireline Serivces comprises of personnel with extensive years of experience that they have acquired from largest Oil & Gas Service companies.

By being the most experienced in Operations & Maintenance Support functions, our division supports service companies in their day to day operations through providing the right & most optimum solution when Maintaining Their Units, Refurbishing their Units, Renting or Selling Tools, Maintaining Their Tools, Servicing or Selling Cables.

Our Services aim to streamline our customers process and allow to them to focus on their core business.

Advantages to Customers

  • Saving Cost on Start-ups.
  • Reducing Costs of existing companies in the market.
  • Outsourcing service to a “Best in Class” company that is capable
    of providing turn-key solutions.
  • Capability to provide the right spare parts for Equipment in a
    much faster way compared to current options.
  • Helps in achieving higher IKTVA scores